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How many Admins can I have in my channel?

You can have as many as you want, but consider the other roles as well. If you only want someone to film and upload or edit a stream then that person should have the role Editor. Down below you can see what roles there are and their functionality. If you on the other hand want to see how to invite and use roles then you can watch our guide here.

Role Functionality
Administrator  Full Admin permission.
Editor  Access to everything except “Settings”.
Producer  Access to the admin pages “Games”, “Video” and “live”. Broadcast and  the Report app.
User/User  Access to the admin pages “Games”, “Video”, Live” and “Promote”.  Broadcast and the Report app.
Broadcast  Access to broadcast games via Solidsport Broadcast. No other Admin  permissions.
Report  Access to report games via Solidsport Report. No other Admin  permissions.
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