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Create a Monthly subscription

What it is

Maybe you have heard of it before but you’re not 100% sure so you’re curious. Let’s dive in! A monthly subscription is when your supporters pay to have access to all your content on your channel for a monthly fee. So instead of paying for each and every live stream they instead pay a fixed fee every month, kind of like Netflix but with your channel and your content. If your team, club or event doesn’t live stream in a while it doesn’t matter, your supporters will still be subscribed to your channel. Be aware that your supporters can end the monthly subscription whenever they want to.

Why you should have it

Having a monthly subscription to your channel gives your supporters an opportunity to access all of your content and at the same time they’re supporting you financially. This is great for your team or club because you know that by the end of the month there will be some revenue generated even though the season hasn’t started yet.

How to create it

Start by going to your channel then click on Admin> Shop> Subscription> Create new Subscription. Now you will get the same kind of form you get when creating an All Access pass. So it’s time to fill it in and when you are done you click on Save. You now have a monthly subscription available on your channel.

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