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Getting more viewers

Planning is the real key

If you know you will stream your game or event weeks (or event months) before the event is due, then you can start posting about it on your social media channels and on your website. We recommend doing the following.


Early Bird offer

For those events with an All Access pass – this one is for you. When you offer your streams for a lower price during a limited time period, and you post about this special offer on your teams social media – be sure to link where your viewers find the offer. We recommend posting about the offer at least 2 weeks before the events starts and the last day when the offer ends.

To create an Early Bird access pass you do the same as when creating a regular All Access pass: Go to your channel > Admin > Shop > All Access > Create New All Access pass. From here you can start filling in the information about your offer. Don’t forget to name it ”Early Bird” and write in the description box that it’s a time limited offer.


On your website

  • Maybe you already know but you can actually embed your upcoming games or events on your website. Check out our guide on how to do that here.
  • Add, if possible, a section called ”Live” or ”Streamings”, this way your supporters can find your channel in an easy way.
  • Publish news articles about the live streams for those who cannot attend the event. Remember to always link to your channel.


Content ideas to post before and afterwards


For Instagram
  • Reels instead of a normal video. Why you might ask? Well, Reels get a much better reach since everyone can get them on their feed, not only your followers. Don’t forget to use some sport hashtags to help you reach a bigger audience.
  • Reminder of the Early Bird offer. It’s important to post information about your offer the first day and the last day before the offer runs out. You can write at what time the offer ends and how much your viewers is winning by purchasing your stream with the offer rather than without it.
  • Stories. It can be a simple picture and the link to the stream, easy and quickly done!
  • After the event, make sure to post the end results and if there is time, a quote from the team about how the game or event went.


For Facebook
  • Your highlights (video) from a previous game or event, this usually get’s people interested. If you don’t have that, then inform about the game and link to your channel. It’s always a good idea to have a picture with people on it, this draws more attention to your post because people like seeing other people.
  • Present some of the players or participants if it’s a competition. Tell your followers some info about the team or players that they might value, maybe their expectations with a nice quote.
  • After the event, post the end results and link to the channel for the replay.


For Twitter
  • You can always update your followers during the game or event, if a player made a really nice goal or if there was a nice trick in a performance competition. Make sure to tag them and use hashtags for further reach. 
  • Afterwards when the game or event has ended, do update your followers about how it ended – who won and which results were there?
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