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Welcome to Solidsport Streaming School. Here we share our best tips and advices on how to get started with your channel and how to succeed with your live broadcasts. You can learn all about SolidSport’s most important features and services and get simple tips such as how to improve develop your broadcasts and how you make money from it.

How to get started

In the first part you will learn about the most important preparations that is needed before you start broadcasting your sport live on Solidsport. To get the most out of our services and at the same time offer the best possible experience for viewers, we recommend all users of Solidsport to take part in this part of the Streaming School.

about 5 min.

Part 1

The most important features on Solidsport

In the second part of Streamingskolan you will learn about Solidsports most important features and how you can use them when you start your first live broadcast on Solidsport. This part of the Streaming School is also divided into two parts.
The first part contains all the information for those who want to get started quickly on Solidsport, while the second part is more in-depth information for those who want to learn as much as possible before it’s time to press “record”.

About 8+7 min.

Part 2

Solidsport Broadcast

Are you going to broadcast on Solidsport for the first time? Then it’s recommended that you complete the third course before you start your first sport broadcast.
In part three, you will learn everything that is necessary about how to broadcast a game or a sporting event with Solidsport Broadcast, the most used app for spor broadcasting across Northern Europe.

ca 5 min.

Part 3

How to produce a good sport broadcast

A good broadcast with good preparation will make a better and more fun experience for both the broadcaster and the viewers who are watching. In the fourth part of Streaming School, we will share our most important tips on how to produce a good sport broadcast from a game or event.
Part 4 of Streaming School is customised for people who haven’t broadcast a game or event live on Solidsport earlier.

About 5 min.

Part 4

Make money to the team or club

It’s easy to broadcast your sport live with Solidsport, reaching your audience no matter where they are and creating new and important income from it.
In the last part of Streaming School, you learn our best tips to attract more viewers and how to make money on your broadcasts.

About 7 min.

Part 5

Activate an entire club on Solidsport

For a club with multiple teams that are or plans to broadcasts live on Solidsport, there is a lot to gain from activating Solidport’s club setup. In this extra part of Streaming School, you will get all necessary information about of Solidsports club setup and all its most important functions and benefits

About 5 min.


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Solidsport Broadcast

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Solidsport was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all levels. That by creating a free and easy streaming platform that enables everyone to broadcast their sport live.

With the help of the live sport broadcasts, Solidsport want to convey excitement and joy, create new revenue possibilities for all sport clubs, teams and federations, develop players and coaches, inspire more people to sport and contribute to a better society where more people are healthy.

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