Common questions.
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How do I create an account?

To create a user account, go tosolidsport.com/login and click on “create new account” or connect with Facebook. Then fill in your name, email and password. After that, your user account on Solidsport is created. NOTE! be careful when filling in your e-mail and make sure that it’s spelled correctly. Otherwise we can’t reach you by email.

How do I login?

To login, go to solidsport.com/login and fill in the e-mail address and password you choosed when you created your user account. If you have created your user account using Facebook, click on “connect with Facebook” to log in.

Why can't I login in to my account?

There can be various reasons why you are unable to log in to your user account. The most common causes are:

  • Wrong password
  • Wrong email adress
  • You are trying to log in with an e-mail address but the account is connected to Facebook

If you don’t succeed in logging in because you entered the wrong password or forgot the password, you can reset it by clicking the text / link on the forgotten password. Then enter the e-mail address you are trying to log in with. Then click on the “Send instructions” button.

After this, you will receive an email with a link where you can reset your password. If you don’t receive this email, check if it ended up in the trash. If it’s not there either, you probably missed a letter in the e-mail address when you registered your user account, which means that the email that’s sent went to the wrong e-mail address. If this is the case, you need to contact our support for further assistance. Feel free to use the support form at the bottom of this page.

How can I change my password?

To change your password, you need to be logged in on your user account. If you are, you can change the password via the user menu that you see at the top right of each page on Soildsport. Select the option “My pages” and then “Account” in the menu displayed on the left of the page. Here you can then change the password. If you have forgotten your current password, log out and click on forgotten password option. Then you will receive an email with a link that allows you to create a new password.

Watch sport

How do I pay to watch sport on Solidsport?

Swish and card payment are the most common payment methods on Solidsport. We only accept Visa and Mastercard when paying for subscriptions that are renewed monthly or annually. Swish can only be used for single pay-per-view purchases or All Access passes. Some broadcasts can also be paid with Paypal, if the responsible broadcaster has activated that payment option.

How do I watch a broadcast?

The easiest way to find your sport broadcast on Solidsport, go tosolidsport.com and use the search form. If you know that a broadcast is live right now or will go live soon, we recommend that you use the page where we list all current live broadcasts. You can find them on this link solidsport.com/calendar

If you are looking for a specific tournament or cup that you want to follow, it can be at the top of the pagesolidsport.com/calendar

When you have found the broadcast you are looking for, click on it. If it has not started yet, you will see a clock that counts down until the broadcast starts.

If you still do not find what you are looking for, use the contact form further down the page and we will try to help you find the right one.

How do I unlock a broadcast?

The first thing you need to do to watch a broadcast is to create a user account with Solidsport. You do this easily by filling in your email, name and password. (See the “How do I create a user account” guide above).

With a user account in place, you must log in in the next step, this happens automatically when you create a new user account. 

The majority of broadcasts on Solidsport is behind a pay wall but some can also be watched for free. To unlock a broadcast that is free, click on the play icon on the player and then “unlock for free”.

For broadcasted games or event that are behind a payment wall, there are different ways to pay to watch the matches depending on what the responsible broadcaster choose as a payment option. For cups, tournaments and event, there is usually an All Access pass that gives access to all games or streams from the cup or event. The All Access can purchased on a link on the front page and will then unlock all broadcasts on the channel for a certain period of time.

On team and club channels, you have the possibility to become a Monthly Supporter. As a Monthly Supporter you have access to all content published on the channel to which you are a Monthly Supporter. As a Monthly Supporter for a entire club, you get access to all content on all channels that belong to the club on Solidsport.

It is also possible to buy games individually. To do this you go to the broadcast you want to watch and click play. Then you get various payment options,click on the option you are interested in. Then you come to the payment pop-up. When the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation to your email and the broadcast is unlocked.

Why is the broadcast not working?

All broadcasts on Solidsport are filmed / produced by the team or club themselves. Solidsport provides the technology that is needed to broadcast sport as well as a platform for pontential viewers who wants to watch a specific broadcast.

There are various reasons why a broadcast does’nt work. It can partly be due to errors in the transmitter but also errors in the viewer. If the broadcast is “offline”, it usually depends on the sender. If the broadcast is hacked or the player is black, the fault may be with the viewer. Feel free to try the following to rule out that the error is on your page looking.

  • Check the internet connection. We recommend that you have a stable connection of at least 5 mbit. Feel free to test your connection with Speedtest.net
  • Reload the page. If the broadcast started after you loaded the page, you may need to reload the page again for the broadcast to start.
  • If it still doesn’t work, try closing the browser and reopening it.

When a broadcast doesn’t start on time, it can be due to various things. During tournaments and other types of events, it’s not uncommon for time shifts in the schedule, which of course will affect the start time of the broadcasts.
Technical problems at the venue or arena can also occur and disturb the broadcast. 

Why does it say that "the broadcast is offline" past its streaming time?

When a broadcast that is supposed to be live is “offline” in the player, there are probably technical problems at the venue or in the arena and that is preventing the broadcast from going live. Game delays is also a common problem when broadcasts hasn’t started in time. If it says “Offline” after a broadcast has ended, it’s because the replay of the broadcast has not been published yet.  

If you want to watch a replay that has been “Offline” for a very long time, you can either contact the channel directly if you know who they are and ask them to post the replay, or you can contact us from the support form further down on this page.

Why is the broadcast buffering?

When a broadcast is buffering, it may be because you have an unstable internet connection. It may also be because the broadcasters have an unstable internet connection. In order for the broadcast to reach you as a viewer, a good internet connection is a must. Our advice is to always start by checking your own connection before watching a game or event. We recommend a stable connection of at least 5 mbit for the viewer.

Feel free to test your internet connection on Speedtest.net 

If your connection works as it should but you still experience a low quality stream, try to contact the responsible broadcaster, first before contacting our support. It is usually faster than reaching the support at Solidsport. If you can’t get hold of those who brocast, you can of course contact Solidsport. Use the support form further down this page.

I am not pleased with the broadcast, what can i do?

If you are not satisfied with the broadcast, you can always contact us and help us ensure that future broadcasts are improved by those who are responsible..

When you contact us, please attach a link to the actual broadcast referred to. That will help us locate the problem much faster. 

Also describe what you are dissatisfied with. 

You can contact us from the support form further down on this page. 

Remember that you also can contact those who broadcast directly. It can usually go much faster.

    A broadcast I purchased doesn't show, what can I do?

    If you have purchased a broadcast that hasn’t been broadcast at all or was streamed with bad quality, you can of course be compensated.

    Contact us from the support form further down this page. 

    When you contact us attach a link to the broadcast referred to. That will help us solve your issue must faster.

    Also describe what you are dissatisfied with. 

    The most common compensation is a voucher code that enables you to watch any upcoming broadcast on Solidsport without charge.

    Can I share my screen during a stream?

    At present, we don’t have built-in support for Chromecast on iOS devices and therefore it only works to “cast” from Android devices or a Chrome browser from a computer. We recommend that you use the Chrome browser for best results.

    You can read more about how to do it on the link here.

    Apple TV/Airplay
    Så här gör du om du vill strömma till din tv med hjälp av Apple-tv.

    Anslut din enhet till samma wifi-nätverk som din Apple TV eller AirPlay 2-kompatibla smart-tv.
    Leta upp videon som du vill strömma.
    Tryck på ikonen . I vissa appar behöver du trycka på en annan symbol först. Tryck på  i appen Bilder och sedan på .

    Om du vill veta mer kan du läsa på Apples hemsida via länken här.

    Why can't I pay?

    There can be a few different reasons why you can’t pay. The most common reasons are the following: 


      • You use a card that isn’t approved by the payment provider we use. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept payments with Electron cards and with Maestro cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard and also Paypal on broadcasts that has that payment option activated.
      • The card isn’t activated for online purchases. In many cases, the bank requires the customer to go in and approve that the card may be used for online purchases. Contact your bank to find out how it works for your card.
      • There is no coverage on the card. This means that you need to transfer money to the card before you can shop with it, or increase your credit.
    How do I end my subscription?

    To end a Monthly Supscription, go to the settings page of your profile. You will find this at the top under the “User Icon” at the far right of the menu on any channel on Solidsport. Then click on “My Settings” & gt; “Unlocked”.

    There you will see your active Monthly Subscriptions under “Unlocked Subscriptions”. To end a Monthly Supporter Subscription, click on “Unsubscribe” on the subscription you want to end. Please note that if you don’t see a “Stop subscribing” button, you will not be charged anymore and the Monthly Support will end when the active period ends. Here you can also verify that no renewal will take place. 

    Direct link to the page where you see your monthly subscriptions: https://solidsport.com/user/profile/unlocked

    Broadcast sport

    What should I broadcast live?

    Solidsport is the sport streaming platform for all sports. At all levels. Meaning that anyone can broadcast sport live and all sports can be broadcasted. Tournaments, games, competitions and other sporting events. Everything is perfectly suited to be broadcasted live on Solidsport.

    What do I need to broadcast?

    All you need is a smartphone but a tablet also works just as well. For this you also need the broadcast app Solidsport Broadcast. Last but not least, you need a team or event channel on Solidsport.
    You can create your Solidsport channel here – solidsport.com/join – totally for free.

    Want to do a more advanced sport production? No problem. There is no limits on the Solidsport.

    What internet do I need to broadcast live?

    To broadcast live, a good internet connection is required. The best internet option mostly depends on whether you are outdoors or indoors and also how many or how few who use the same connection.

    In general, mobile 4G connection works well in most cases. However, it can be a problem if you broadcast inside an arena with a bad 4G signal. 4G usually works good to broadcast with outside.

    Wifi is another wireless option that is often available in sport arenas. Just make sure that the network is not used by too many others and that the network is not shut down at regular intervals or has a firewall that does not let the broadcast through.

    A fixed connection with fiber is the most stable option but requires that you have an adapter to get the ethernet cable into your mobile or tablet.

    Regardless of the type of connection you use, we recommend that you always test the connection speed before you start broadcasting live. We recommend a connection of at least 10 mbit up, even if it works to broadcast with a connection of 2-3 mbit if the connection is stable.

    Test your internet connection onSpeedtest.net

    If you have any questions about which internet connection you should use, feel free to contact us from the support form further down on this page and we will help you.

    How do I create a channel to broadcast on Solidsport?

    Go to- solidsport.com/join. Once there, you can choose whether you want to create a channel for a team, a club or a sporting tournament or event. As soon as you have created the channel, we recommend you to check out our Streaming School. There you will find guides and information on how to do a a good sport broadcast on Solidsport.

    You will find Streaming School here – solidsport.com/streamingskolan

    How do I create a live broadcast?

    With the help of our Streaming School, you will learn all that is needed to make a good an professional sport broadcast on Solidsport.

    Go to Streaming School on the link here – solidsport.com/streamingskolan

    How do I create a test broadcast?

    Visit our Streaming School to learn how to create a test broadcast on Solidsport.

    You will find our Streaming School on – solidsport.com/streamingskolan

    Why isn't my broadcast on the first page?

    When your broadcast is not published, it will not be visible on your Solidsport channel. It’s then only visible in the admin section on your channel. Under “settings” on every broadcast you can choose to publish the broadcast. There is also a selection under the “Advanced settings” tab on the settings page for the live broadcast. There you can choose if you want to hide the broadcast so that it is only visible to those who have a direct link to the broadcast.

    Why isn't my replay posted?

    When a broadcast is completed a replay is automatically published afterwards. However, there are a few exceptions.

    • The internet connection has dipped during the broadcast and has therefore created several recordings of a broadcast. In this case, you must go to the live broadcast afterwards and click on recordings from that broadcast. During recordings, they should then appear several clips. Mark them in the small box and merge the recordings. Then publish the merged recording as the replay. Depending on how long the broadcast has been, it can take some time before a replay is published. The longer the broadcast has been, the longer it will take to publish the replay.
    • The broadcast time is not over. If you have broadcasted a game live and set a broadcast time that ends long after the broadcast is over, the replay will not be published until the end time of the broadcast is reached. You can post the replay manually by going to the actual live broadcast (from the admin section). Then click on “recordings” and then select the available recording as a replay.
    • In cases where the transmission time is too short and a transmission is interrupted after the transmission time has expired, parts of the replay may remain unpublished. If you notice that the end of the broadcast is missing in the replay, go to the replay, click on recordings from the broadcast, delete the existing replay and see if more recordings appear. If you see more recordings, merge them and publish as a replay. 
    • If you broadcast with something other than Solidsport Broadcast, it’s important that you check that recording is switched on. Otherwise nothing will be recorded and no replay will be published. An alternative to having recording turned on at all times is to use timed recording. Recording then starts when the broadcast is online for the viewers. You can always check if recording is activated when you are in the admin section of the actual live broadcast.
    How does the team/association/tournament make money on Solidsport?

    Every team, club or sporting event can make money by charging for every broadcast on Solidsport. This can be done in slightly different ways. Every broadcast can be bought individually with pay-per-view and also be unlocked with a Monthly Supporter Subscription (Team channel) or All Access Pass (Event channel).

    Anyone who becomes a Monthly Supporter can watch all content that is included in the subscription for one or more channels, depending on whether the Monthly Supporter Subscription is covered by a league or an entire club. It’s the responsible broadcasters who set the price of their broadcasts and their monthly supporter subscription.

    In addition to pay-per-view and Monthly Supporter Subscription, All Access is also usually offered as a popular alternative during tournaments and events. With an All Access pass, you get access to all content during a limited period of time and which includes both all broadcasts and replays.

    Solidsport handles the entire payment flow and support for all viewers. At least half of the revenue always goes to the responsible broadacaster who uses the platform and all applications for free and without limits.

    How can a broadcasting team or club get their money?

    The broadcaster can continuously follow all purchases made on the Solidsport channel. The part of the revenue that goes to the broadcast is invoiced to Solidsport. For more information on how the payments are made, go to Streaming School on- solidsport.com/streamingskolan


    What is All Access, Monthly Supporter and PPV?

    All Access provides access to all content on a specific Solidsport channel for a limited time. It is often used during tournaments and events to offer access to all broadcasts as well as replays during a limited time.

    A Monthly Supporter Subscription, just like All Access, provide access to all content on a specific Solidsport channel. The monthly supporter subscription is also automatically renewed every month until it is terminated. At least half of the income always goes to the broadcasting team or club you have chosen to support. Something that has become an important income for thousands of teams and clubs that are using Solidsport.

    Pay Per View (PPV) is a third payment method. If you buy a broadcast with PPV, you only get access to the single broadcast you buy. In most cases, the replay is also included.

    Can you film whatever you want?

    Filming and photography in public places are allowed as long as you do not violate personal privacy. Public places refer to all places to which the public has free access and this includes virtually all arenas for sports we have in the country. The only exception is a few arenas where senior sports at the elite level are shown. These are considered individual sites and require a permit for filming. 

    There is one thing that is important to keep in mind when filming and that is not to violate personal integrity.

    If you are filming a game where you have received something that may be perceived as offensive, please contact us from the contact form at the bottom of the page.  support@solidsport.com

    What about GDPR?

     Solidsport is a sport streaming platform and digital gathering place for teams, clubs and their audiences. Solidsport makes it possible to stream any sport event live.


    The EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) contains rules aimed at protecting the individual’s privacy and personal data. In the case of Solidsport, the GDPR applies to all data that can be linked to a natural person, e.g. name, address and account number.

    Similar to the previous Personal Data Act, however, there is an exception that clarifies that the GDPR shall not be applied to the extent that it would be contrary to the provisions on freedom of the press and expression, see Article 85 of the GDPR.


    Did you not get answers to your questions above?

    Solidsport was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all levels. That by creating a free and easy streaming platform that enables everyone to broadcast their sport live.

    With the help of the live sport broadcasts, Solidsport want to convey excitement and joy, create new revenue possibilities for all sport clubs, teams and federations, develop players and coaches, inspire more people to sport and contribute to a better society where more people are healthy.

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