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Create an All Access pass

All about the All Access pass

When you are live streaming an event or a cup you might want to have an All Access pass. The All Access pass is a one time payment/subscription that allows your viewers to see all games or the whole event for a reduced price, instead of them buying all live streams. The All Access pass also gives your viewers the opportunity to watch all replays. This pass is time limited and you decide for how long it is valid through.



Let’s say your cup is streaming 200 games and each stream costs 6€, you probably know that the average supporter watches around 4 games which would be around 24€. Your All Access pass could then cost 19€ instead, this way you’re offering your supporters all live games and replays for a better price. It is also more likely they would buy the All Access pass instead of those 4 single games/streams, so it’s a win-win situation with other words.


This is how to create the All Access pass


Step 1

Go to your channel < Admin < Shop < All Access < Create new All Access Pass.


Step 2

Fill in the information and click Save. You’re done.


Now you can go back to your channel and see the All Access header on your table of contents on the left side.

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