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The most important features

Let’s start our Streaming School by going through the most important features on Solidsport. In the first part, we’ll go over what happens after you start your streaming channel on Solidsport and get into our admin interface. In the second part, we go through our different features more deeply.

The first thing we’re going to go through is what happens after you start your streaming channel on Solidsport and get into our admin interface. In Admin, you control all content displayed on your team or club channel. This is where you set up games, activate live broadcasts, track all transactions and revenue, manage users, and more.

Your unique Solidsport channel

After you start a channel on Solidsport, you enter Admin. If you are at the front of the channel and are not logged in with your user account, you first need to log in. You do this by clicking on the button at the top of the page in the right corner. When you’re signed in as an administrator to the channel, you’ll see a link to Admin above the menu on the left side of the channel page.

Create game and activate a live broadcast

The most basic feature to know is how to create a match and activate a live broadcast. When you are going to broadcast a game, you always start by creating the game itself from the menu selection “Games”.

Once the game is created, activate the live broadcast itself and fill in all the information that is requested. Be careful when choosing which scoreboard you want to use for the broadcast. For example, if you want to display a game clock, it is important that you select a scoreboard that contains a game clock. The same applies if you want to show result and period in the broadcast.

For a more detailed description of how to create games and enable live broadcasts, see the video below.

Game import

When you know that you will live stream many games during a whole a season, Solidsport can help you import all games at one, intstead of you entering each match manually. Just tell us which games you want to import and we will help you. The easiest way to contact us is from the contact form on this page. Then we will help you as soon as we can.

Test broadcasts

The only time you shouldn’t start by creating a game and then enable live broadcast is when you want to do a test broadcast or a live broadcast that isn’t a game. It could be a press conference, or any other activity you want to live stream. To make a test broadcast, go to the “Live” menu tab, and then tap the “Create new live stream” button. Then, it is important that you select the option “hide broadcast on the channel” from the “Advanced” selection tab.

For a more detailed description of how to create a test broadcast, see the video below.

Invite viewers to your live broadcasts

In order to get as many viewers as possible to discover your Solidsport channel and your live broadcasts, it’s important that you inform about these as much as possible. An easy way to lead viewers to your broadcasts is to clearly link and promote the channel on your website. Another effective way is frequent information about the team’s broadcasts on social media.

Another easy way is to “invite viewers” to every live broadcast on the channel. You do this via Admin – > Games – Edit match – and the > > “Invite viewers” button.
Here you can send an invitation to the broadcast by email and social media.

For a more detailed description of how to invite viewers, see the video below.

Make money

For those of you who are interested in the possibilities to make money for the team or club, we would like to highlight the last part of the Streaming School “How to make money for the team“. Here you will also learn how to embed all the upcoming broadcasts on your website.

Congratulations - First part completed

Now you have learned about the most important functionality that you need to know when you broadcast sports on Solidsport. We have more features that can be useful to know and that you can read more about below, but now you know the most important things. Want to move on to the next part of streaming school and learn how to do a live stream with our streaming app Solidsport Broadcast? Click on the link below or keep scrolling to learn about more great features on Solidsport.

Solidsport Broadcast >

Invite more admins and use roles

Aren’t you the one who’s going to broadcast every game? Then you can invite people to help out with this. To invite more people, go to Settings > Account Settings > Admins.

To invite, simply fill in the email address of the person you want to invite and press the “Add/Invite” button. It’s important that the person who is invited has a Solidsport account. Otherwise, that person first needs to create an account via

You can also use roles on Solidsport to restrict permissions on certain admin users. Below you’ll see what each role includes for rights on the channel. Does your channel lack the ability to use roles? Contact us from the help form on this page and we will help you activate this.


Role Functionality
Administrator Full Admin permission.
Editor Access to everything except “Settings”.
Producer Access to the admin pages “Games”, “Video” and “live”. Broadcast and the Report app.
User/User Access to the admin pages “Games”, “Video”, Live” and “Promote”. Broadcast and the Report app.
Broadcast Access to broadcast games via Solidsport Broadcast. No other Admin permissions.

Access to report games via Solidsport Report. No other Admin permissions.

For a more detailed description of how you can use roles, see the video below.

Design the Solidsport channel in 30 seconds

On the front of your channel is a cover photo at the top of the page. It is recommended to replace it with your own image. It’s easy to do this by hovering over the upper-right corner of the image. Then click on the icon that appears to upload a new image. The recommended format of the image you upload is 1292×340 pixels for the best fit.

For a more detailed description of how to change the design of your Solidsport channel, see the video below.

How to merge a split replay

If you have a poor internet connection or accidentally cancel a live broadcast on Solidsport, your recording will be divided into several parts. This means that you will need to merge the recordings from the live broadcast before a full replay of the match can be published to viewers.

You can do this by clicking Admin > Live > Choose the right live broadcast.
From here, you need to scroll down to the “recordings” button tab and then unpublish the incomplete replay. After that, you will see all the recordings connected with the live broadcast you choosed. If multiple video recordings appear, you can select these and then tap “merge recordings”. The recordings you have selected will then be merged into one recording. After that, you can choose to publish as a full replay.
For a more detailed description of how to merge recordings, see the video below.

Design and change the “thumbnail” on the team’s live broadcasts

A thumbnail is the image displayed in the player before a live broadcast starts. As standard, there is a Solidsport thumbnail. It is recommended that you replace it with your own thumbnail picture. It’s welcome to be a positive action image that shows joy or emotion when sports are practiced. The recommended format for the best fit is 1920×1080 pixels.

To upload a thumbnail, go to Settings > Image Archive. When the thumbnail is uploaded, go to Settings > Channel > Player and select the uploaded thumbnail as the new default thumbnail for both live broadcast and replay.
For a more detailed description on how to do this, see the video below.

Congratulations - You're now completely done

Now you have gone through all the necessary functionality at Solidsport. You are now ready to move on to the next step in Streaming School and one step closer to becoming a sport streaming pro. Do you any questions? You are always welcome to contact us from the help form on this page.

In the next part of Streaming School you will learn how to broadcast using our streaming app Solidsport Broadcast. To move forward, click on the link below.

Next Step – Solidsport Broadcast >

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