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We’re glad you’ve found your way here and welcome to Streaming School. Below you will find a quick guide on how to get started with sport broadcasting on Solidsport. For those who want to learn even more about our platform and features, please discover the other parts of the Streaming School.

Step 1 – Start a channel

If you haven’t already, startby creating a streaming channel on Solidsport.. It’s completely free to start a channel and broadcast on Solidsport. As soon as the channel is started, it’s time to download the Solidsport Broadcast app.

Download the app. Completely free of charge in the AppStore or Google Play.

Step 2 – Create games and live broadcasts

When you’re going to live stream on Solidsport, there are two different types to live broadcasts. The most common one is to first create a game and then activate a live stream on it, which will contain graphics and scoreboard in the broadcast. The other one is a regular live broadcast without graphics. If you’re going to broadcast a game, start by going to the channel you have created. When you are inside the admin section on the channel, select “create a match” and then fill in all the necessary information about the match. This makes team logo and team shortenings appear in the broadcast scoreboard and graphics. Once the game is created, it’s time to activate the live broadcast. If your team logo is not visible, your club needs to be verified first. Contact us from the help box and we will help you with this.

Step 3 – Secure a good internet connection

To produce a good broadcast you need a stable internet connection. Wi-Fi, 4G, is fine, but best is if you have access to a wired network. Feel free to test your connection using or similar services. We recommend a speed of at least 10 mbit, although you can manage on as little as 2-3 mbit if the connection is stable.

Step 4 – Broadcast with a tripod

To get a better picture, we recommend using a tripod. It’s not a requirement, but the broadcast will be much more steady. Something that is appreciated by the viewers while making it easier for the person filming.



When you’re going to broadcast with a smartphone or tablet, there are three important things you should know and check before you start broadcasting. We’ll go through these here.

  • Enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode on your device before you start your broadcast. Otherwise the broadcast will be interrupted if someone calls you on the device you are broadcasting with.
  • The “rotation lock” should not be activated on your device. Rotation lock will make your broadcast appear in portrait mode, even though you are filming with the device in landscape mode. Therefore, turn this off to avoid a bad viewing experience.
  • Think about what you say when you’re broadcasting. Don’t talk about irrelevant things, but feel free to comment the game or event. If you can, make sure that the audience keeps their distance from the camera. Everyone who watches the stream will hear everything said near the camera.

Now you’re ready

If you have read through steps 1-4 and completed the checklist, you are ready to start your first live broadcast. However, for best results and to get the most out of our platform and features, we recommend that you go through all the steps in the Streaming School.

If you have any questions or concerns about Solidsport or your broadcasts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just fill in what you need help with in the help form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Below you can read more about the benefits of Solidsport and how the platform is customised those who want to broadcast sports.
Or you can move directly to the next part of the Streaming School where we list the most important features at Solidsport.

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Solidsport is a streaming platform specially designed for anyone who wants to broadcast sports. A clear example of this is how to create broadcasts of games in the platform. When you are going to broadcast a game, you always start by “creating a game” and then entering information about the game that you are going to live stream. This makes team logo and team shortenings appear in the broadcast scoreboard and graphics. Once the game is created, it’s time to activate the live broadcast. If your team logo is not visible, your club needs to be verified first. Contact us from the help box and we will help you with this.

Game graphics and analysis

When you broadcast sports on Solidsport, you can also control the graphics in the broadcasts, using the Solidsport Broadcast app. Through simple controls in the app, the filmmaker controls the match clock as well as the goal and period shown in the broadcast. After the final whistle, it is then easy to analyze the game afterwards and cut out specific game sequences. Perfect material to use for the next walkthrough with individual players or the entire team.


One of Solidsport’s most appreciated features is the ability to create highlights during an ongoing game. This is done with the help of a simple push of a button in the Broadcast app. After the broadcast ends, all the highlights you have selected during the broadcast will be merged into a video clip and then automatically published on the team or club channel. You can see and read more about the highlights feature in the upcoming part of streaming school.

Unlimited storage

Everything that the team broadcasts on Solidsport is recorded and published automatically as a replay on the team’s own streaming channel. It’s also possible to upload videos, from interviews and player presentations to exercises, training sequences, training materials and much more. Storage space is unlimited and all content is saved for as long as you want. Meaning, the team channel on Solidsport quickly becomes a fantastic video archive that saves wonderful memories for life.

Completely free to use Solidsport

Solidsport is completely free to use for you as a sport broadcaster. It costs money for those who want to watch, but who at the same time get the chance to support the team both emotionally and financially from home or wherever they are at the moment. The revenue you and your team generate quickly becomes a good and important revenue. So far, sport broadcasts on Solidsport have generated revenues of more than €4 million to sports clubs and team in the Nordics. A team can easily earn €1,000 in a season. All you need to do ist to start broadcasting the team’s games and then inform both parents and relatives, as well as opposing teams, about how they find each live stream.

Monthly supporters

The games can be purchased individually but we recommend all teams to encourage their viewers and supporters to become Monthly Supporters for the team or club. As a Monthly Supporter, a viewer gets access to all content on the team or club channel at a fixed monthly cost and at the same time supports the team financially. Easy for those who watch and good for the team that gets a running revenue every month. Money that goes right back to team or club that are broadcasting.

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Solidsport was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all levels. That by creating a free and easy streaming platform that enables everyone to broadcast their sport live.

With the help of the live sport broadcasts, Solidsport want to convey excitement and joy, create new revenue possibilities for all sport clubs, teams and federations, develop players and coaches, inspire more people to sport and contribute to a better society where more people are healthy.

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