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How to activate a club on Solidsport

With a complete club structure, it’s easy to gather an entire club and all the teams. Solidsport Club includes all smart features that is needed to make it easy to follow the development and revenue from all teams in the club.

In this bonus part of the Streaming School, you will learn all about Solidsport Club and all smart features that is developed to make it easier for all sports clubs and teams that broadcast their sport on Solidsport.

Clear structure and club subscriptions

Solidsport Club means a clear structure and connection between all team and event channels that your club has or are planning to activate on Solidsport.

Sell ads and place them on all broadcasts and videos.

Solidsport Club also includes the possibility for all sports clubs to sell exposure to partners and sponsors in their broadcasts – on all channels.

Each sponsor can then be offered the opportunity to present the club’s live games and events using one or more video ads. Ads appear every time a viewer starts a broadcast or video, or less depending on how you choose to frequency control each ad.

Do you want to know more about the possibility of controlling and displaying ads in connection with all the club’s broadcasts? Contact us on

How to activate a club channel on Solidsport

To get started with Solidsport Club, you first need to activate a club channel. It’s to this channel that all team channels will be connected to and where all your broadcasts and replays will be collected.

Click on the link below and activate a club channel. Completely free of charge.

Verify your club at Solidsport

Before you get access to all the features on the club channel, Solidsport needs to verify your club. This process is important for safety reasons, both for your club and Solidsport.

Contact us as soon as you have registered a club channel and we will verify the club as soon as we can. Either contact us from the help form on this page or email us at

As soon as the club is verified, a menu selection called “Our Teams” will appear on the club channel. See example below.

Create team channels

The next step is for each team in the club to create their unique team channel, which is then connected to the club channel. It’s on the team channel that each team in the club will broadcast their games and upload their video content.

Do you want to create all team channels right away?
It’s easy to create team channels directly from the club channel admin page. Just go to Admin > Settings> Account Settings – > Admins.

Once there, click on the “Create channel” box. Next, fill in an email address for the person who will be the administrator of the channel and then select the team type. After you select the team type, an address (URL) for the channel is automatically created. To complete the channel, press the “Add/Invite” button.

As soon as this is done, an email will be sent to the administrator with information about the channel. 

Team channels can also be activated by each team on

Create a club subscription

When both the club channel and all team channels are created, it’s time to activate a club subscription. You can this from Admin -> Store -> Subscription directly from the admin page on the club channel. Then select the option “Monthly Supporter” and then choose what the subscription should cost.

An active club subscription can be purchased by anyone, either from the club channel itself or on one of the team channels connected to the club. This gives access to all content throughout the club, including all team channels.

From the admin section on the club channel, you or the treasuer can also follow all incomes from all the club’s Solidsport channels.

Invoicing on Solidsport

How does the teams get their revenue from Solidsport? It’s of course a common question and an important thing that you obviously need to know how to manage. Instead of each team invoicing Solidsport separately, we recommend that all invoicing is done by the club treasurer or administrator.

It’s very easy to produce all the documentation and then invoice for all revenue from the admin page on the club channel.

You can find all billing information if you sign in to Admin, then select Store – > Billing.
Once there you can see the current amount your club can invoice Solidsport.

When you invoice for the revenue on the club’s team channels, you need to fill in the current billing amount for each team on the invoice. You can find this information under the tab “team invoicing” from Admin on the club channel.

The invoice must also contain a reference for each channel, otherwise no payment can be made. You can find all amounts and reference numbers under “Team invoicing”

Examples of the information that needs to be included on the invoice can be found below.


  • Revenue for sold club subscriptions (Found via “Invoicing” on club channell)
    = Reference and amount in EUR
  • Revenue for team channel 1 (Found via “Team Invoicing” on the club channel)
    = Reference and amount in EUR
  • Revenue for team channel 2 (Found via “Team Invoicing” on the club channel)
    =Reference and amount in EUR
  • Total: X EUR


Now you have received all the information you need regarding all the important functionality included in Solidsport’s club solution. Do you have any questions? You are welcome to contact us from the help form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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