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Earn money for the team or club

Now you’ve reached the last part of Streaming School. Here we give our best advises on how to best increase your revenue by promoting your live streams.

Viewers pay to watch a broadcast on Solidsport. Either by purchasing an individual broadcast ny pay-per-view or by becoming a monthly supporter of the team or club that they choose to support financially. Meaning, the more viewers your team or club can attract to their broadcasts, the more money you will earn for the team or club.

Little effort that gives a lot back

It takes a little effort for the team or club to make money with the help of Solidsport. The most important thing of all is to deliver good broadcasts. However, it’s also important to spread the word about your broadcasts, otherwise their is high risk that no one will know about it and the result will be very disappointing for everyone involved. In order for you and your team or club to avoid this, here are our top tips on how you can reach out with your live broadcasts with little effort.

Does the audience know you’re about to go live?

In order for someone to find their way to your broadcasts and streaming channel, you must start by informing them and leading your supporters to the right place.

Who wants to watch your games live? Who are your audience?

We know that parents, grandparents and other relatives of players and coaches of the team have a great interest in being able to watch your broadcasts. These are the people you should focus on informing about the live broadcasts. The more channels you can use to reach out with information, the better, but start by prioritizing the channels you think are most important.

Don’t forget the opposing teams

We know that the opposing team’s parents and relatives are interested in being able to see when you play against that team. By the way, the players and coaches of the opposing team should certainly interested in being able to watch the game afterwards.
Therefore, don’t forget to inform your opponents about your game broadcasts. Informing opponents about an upcoming broadcast from a specific game can mean nice extra revenue for your team and the club. Usually it is enough for you to send an email to a coach of the opposing team, informing them that you are livestreaming the upcoming game, with a link to the live broadcast.

Share your games on the website

The obvious place to inform about your broadcasts is your own website, and it’s very easy to do. With the help of our game widget, you can “embed” the team’s upcoming games and broadcasts at any location on your website. With the help of the game widget, all games that you are planning to broadcast will automatically be shown on your website as soon as this is published on your Solidsport channel. Each match in the widget also includes a link to the broadcast itself.

To find the match widget in Admin, click Promote > Widgets > Games. Copy the code and then paste it in the appropriate place on your website. If you want to change the height of the widget, you can do this by changing the height=’500′ to any height that fits on your website.

For more information on how to embed your team’s games, see the video below.

Use your social media

Once you have received information about your broadcasts on your website, your social media is next. It is nothing new that social media is excellent tools for reaching your audience and this is also the case when it comes to informing about the team or the club’s live broadcasts on Solidsport. If you do this regularly before each game and live broadcast, it will certainly help you earn more money for the team and the club.

Get followers to your channel

Each channel on Solidsport has a follower function. A viewer who becomes a follower of your team channel will receive ongoing notifications every time you post something on the channel. It could be a video or live broadcast being published, or something else exciting that you simply want to share. Therefore, it’s recommended that you encourage your supporters to follow your channel, making sure they will not miss the next match, highlight or interview that the team publishes on Solidsport.

Post news on the channel

With many visitors and followers on the team’s Solidsport channel, there are also more effective ways to communicate with the audience, in addition to videos and live broadcasts.

With the help of Solidsport’s news function, the team or club can effectively reach out even with news and other information on the channel. In the video below, we’ll walk you through how to create a news story on your channel.

In the video below, we’ll walk you through how to create a news story on your channel.

Once you get started with broadcasting from games, torunaments or other sporting events at Solidsport, you will quickly see how revenue is generated directly into the store on your channel. Through admin > store you can continuously see all transactions made on the team or the club’s Solidsport channel. Under the tab “Invoicing”, you can also see the amount that you can invoice Solidsport, based on the revenue generated from your broadcasts.

Note! All transactions made on the channel are with VAT included while the amount you can invoice Solidsport is with VAT excluded. This is because Solidsport has to pay 25% VAT on each transaction processed in the platform.

For more information on how to invoice Solidsport, see the video below.

Don’t miss the Solidsport app

The Solidsport app makes it even easier for viewers to follow their team or club. Therefore, we recommend you to advise your supporters to download the app and follow your team and all your activities from there. Through the app, everyone who follows your channel will be notified every time you publish something or start a broadcast. The Solidsport app is available to download via both the App Store and Google Play. Completely free of charge.


Finally, we would like to give you a proposal for a text you can use when the team or club want to inform about an upcoming broadcast on Solidsport. This text is meant to be sent to an opposing team before a football match, but can be used with a few minor changes regardless of whether it’s a team sport or not.

The important thing to include is when the broadcast begins and how a viewer easily finds their way to the broadcast.

Subject: Live coverage of tomorrow’s game on The Home Team’s IP
Our team plays the next game on Saturday, April 15 at 9:00.
For those who don’t have the opportunity to be present on site but still want to be able to watch the game, we have good news. We will broadcast the game live on our Solidsport channel. The game will also be available to watch afterwards and you can find it here: Link to the broadcast

Nils Edholm
Home team IF F06

To date, Solidsport has generated more than €4 million in revenue to sport clubs and events on all levels. Revenue generated by team and clubs, broadcasting games, tournaments and other sporting events.

Congratulations - Now you have the knowledge you need to succeed

This was the last part of the Streaming School. We hope you will get a lot of pleasure from Solidsport and that our platform can generate great revenue for your team as well. If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact us. The easiest way to do this is from the contact form on this page.

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