The possibility to broadcast sports live has historically been expensive and complicated. With Solidsport, we are fundamentally changing those conditions. By offering a customised streaming service for sports that requires neither expensive equipment nor high technical skills, we want to digitize the sport industry. On all levels.

Solidsport was launched in 2016 and are today the largest streaming platform for live sports in the Nordic region. In high season, more than 3,000 games and sport events are broadcast live – every weekend. Based on simple production, distribution and the lack of unnecessary intermediaries, we generate over €100 000 to our sport partners every month.

How the idea of Solidsport was born

For several years, the sport industry has been behind when it comes to digital development. While other industries were overflowing with smart digital solutions, sport had relied on traditional methods and old technologies. That was how the idea of Solidsport come to life.

The founders saw an alarming trend in the form of reduced sports performance among young people, while e-sports and other more modern entertainment industries was attracting more and more practitioners and a larger audience through digital innovation. That with a fantastic ability to create community and entertainment value for both players and viewers.

We realised that the only way for sport to be relevant in the future is to digitise it and make it accessible to everyone in a digital arena.

That arena is now created and named Solidsport – a complete sport streaming platform that brings all sport together at all levels and makes sport accessible for everyone, everywhere.

The basic idea was to offer a simple but professional way to produce and broadcast sports live so that teams, sports clubs and sports association could produce content themselves.

In addition to the simplicity of broadcasting, it was also important to make it possible to charge for the content produced in order to generate new revenue for sport and also to make Solidsport grow

The optimal solution

Making it easy and cheap to live stream sports and save everything that is broadcast felt like the optimal solution, for all sports, at all levels. Because even if the best experience has (and will probably allways be) to watch sports on site, it is not always possible in practice. Time and place are borderline for the audience at the time as the athletes enjoy being able to see their achievements afterwards.

An instant success

Solidsport launched in March 2016 with the ambition to make it easy and free to live stream sports and create the best streaming service to experience sports online, regardless of level.

With simplicity in focus, Solidsport wanted to revolutionize the market and conditions for sport broadcasting. Expensive and complicated technology would now be simple, inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

Sport broadcasting would no longer just be about making elite sport available with a revenue model that primarily benefited media rights companies and intermediaries.

Solidsport wanted to make it easier and at the same generate revenue through live broadcasting. Just as obvious as it is to generate revenue on site in the arena or as selling lottery tickets to raise money for a team or club.

Solidsport also wanted to make it possible to save all sports moments and achievements by offering a unlimited storage solution. To the delight of supporters and relatives, but above all for the athletes themselves who want to be able to see, analyse and share their achievements afterwards.

In November 2016, the first live broadcasts from the classic Sverigecupen in handball were made using simple consumer technology, meaning smartphones and tablets. The broadcasts were an instant success, followed by 1369 live games from Storvretacupen, the world’s largest youth cup in floorball, in just 10 days.

From pioneering to largest sport streaming platform in the Nordic region

By building on the needs and conditions of the sport, Solidsport has developed a complete sport streaming service and at the same time make money for the team, club or sport event.

Since 2016, the number of broadcasts has more than doubled every year and now Solidsport is the largest sport streaming platform in the Nordic region. Solidsport has more than 1 million users and €4,300,000 has already been generated to all sport clubs, teams and events that are using the platform. And that’s just the beginning.

With a passion for technology and sports

At the heart of everything we do is the desire to develop smart and innovative technical solutions that make sport accessible to a wider audience. This, combined with the passion to make it possible to share the excitement and joy of sport with the audience – wherever it is – is Solidsport’s main driving force.


Our vision is to enable all sports at all levels to reach out with their sport online. By making sport more accessible, we want to inspire more sports and contribute to a better society where more people move and more people feel healthy.


Offering a digital platform that replaces unnecessary intermediaries and makes it easy for any sport to convey an unbeatable online sports experience and generate new revenue for sport.

Solidsports was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all levels to broadcast their sport live.

With the help of live sports at all levels, Solidsport wants to convey excitement and joy while creating new revenue for sport. With our services, we also want to contribute to the development of players and coaches, inspire more sports and at the same time contribute to a better society where more people move and more people are healthy.

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