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Many tournaments across the world have already discovered the benefits of broadcasting their tournament live on Solidsport. Greater interest, more exposure and increased revenue for the tournament are three strong reasons to broadcast a tournament live. And you know what? It’s easy and for free.

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Greater interest.

A tournament that live streams all their games, creates greater value for both participants and spectators. And a greater interest can easily generate more participants for future editions and at the same time generate new revenue – without any risk.


More exposure.

With live broadcast your event has the chance to offer all interested supporters and relatives to watch live and on demand. Wherever they are and whenever they want. Meaning, your event will get more exposure by reaching a wider audience and engage more people by sharing the excitement live.


New revenue.

The tournament or event pays nothing to use Solidsport’s platform or apps. Instead, new revenue is generated from the broadcasts when viewers buy with pay-per-view for a single broadcast or an All Access subscription that provides access to the entire cup. Cup organizers can also sell and show ads from sponsors and partners on every live stream. In other words, your event can provide a new service for your followers and fans and at the same time create a new source of revenue.


Good to know


No charge. Solidsport is completely free to use for all events.


Simple and easy to use. Only a smartphone or tablet is needed.


Sell digital tickets and create new revenue possibilities.


Save memories for life with unlimited storage.


Free support. We will help you from start to finish.


We have full integration with multiple tournament systems.


All your broadcast will be saved as replay on your channel.


300+ tournaments uses Solidsport for live broadcasts.

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Solidsport was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all levels to broadcast their sport live.

With the help of the live sport broadcasts, Solidsport want to convey excitement and joy, create new revenue possibilities for all sport clubs, teams and federations, develop players and coaches, inspire more people to sport and contribute to a better society where more people are healthy.

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