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Many tournaments across the world have already discovered the benefits of broadcasting their tournament live on Solidsport. Greater interest, more exposure and increased revenue for the tournament are three strong reasons to broadcast a tournament live. And you know what? It’s easy and for free.

For many athletes, tournaments are the highlight of the year and sometimes the greatest memory of an entire sports career. Tournaments means a lot both for the players and coaches who practice sports, but also a lot for all parents, relatives, friends and supporters.

Share unforgettable sport moments

A tournament contains many unforgettable sport moments. A nice save, a fantastic pass or why not a solo goal. The moments are many and which many wants to take part of, both players and coaches as well as parents, friends and loved ones. Every moment deserves to be saved and re-experienced, over and over again.

Save memories for life

Solidsport makes it possible for every tournament to share all these fantastic moments, wherever you are. Live and on demand. With Solidsport, all players and coaches can see their achievements over and over again and save memories for life. Just like all parents and relatives.

Increase the tournament value and create new incomes

A tournaments that broadcasts all games creates greater value for both participants and spectators. It also creates greater interest which in turn can generate more participants for future editions and at the same time generate new revenue – without any risk. The tournament pays nothing to use SolidSport’s platform and apps. Instead, new revenue is created from the broadcasts when viewers buys with pay-per-view for a single broadcast or an All Access subscription that provides access to the entire cup. Cup organizers can also sell and show ads from sponsors and partners on every broadcasts.

Simple and free to broadcast a tournament

All cups that are broadcasted on Solidsport get their own tournament channel where all broadcasts, replays and highlights are gathered. Creating a cup channel and broadcasting games is completely free on Solidsport. The revenue comes from viewers who pay for a single broadcast or the entire tournament. All incomes are then shared equally between Solidsport and the tournament organizer.

How to broadcast your tournament successfully

Broadcasting a tournament can have different challenges depending on whether the cup is played indoors or outdoors or if it includes few or many participants. For the tournament to succeed with its broadcasts and maximize its revenue, there are four key factors.

Internet connection

The most important thing to be able to produce a good sport broadcast is to have a good and stable internet connection. It’s therefore very important that the organizer ensures that there is a working connection on all fields and from the position the camera / device will be placed. Live broadcasts can be produced both 4G, Wi-Fi or mobile broadband connection.

Streaming equipment

To be able to broadcast the tournament games live, you also need the right equipment. If the tournament organizer is reaching out in time, Solidsport can help out and provide all the necessary broadcasting equipment. In that case, a rent cost will be taken from the streaming incomes that the tournament generates on Solidspor. However, Solidsport will always take the financial risk. Meaning that if the streaming revenue doesn’t cover the renting costs, Solidsport will not bill the tournament the left over amount.


In order to be able to prodice good broadcasts someone who can film with the streaming equipment that has been prepared. Most of all Solidsports broadcasts are produced and filmed with a smartphone or tablet with the Solidsport Broadcast app. Meaning, you don’t need to be a technical expert to produce a sport broadcast. Solidsport is so easy that anyone can to do a good broadcast. However, Solidsport recommends that a reasonable compensation should be paid to the responsible broadcaster. This make the search for good broadcasters a lot easier and at the same time increase the quality of the broadcasts. There are many teams that are looking for new ways to make money to their team and filming games is a fun way to do it.


Last but not least, it’s important to spread the word to all teams and their coaches and players. Make sure they know about the tournament broadcasts on Solidsport as soon as possible and remember to send a reminder before it’s time to kick off. It can also be smart to offer an Early Bird subscription for those who are out early to buy access to all broadcasts. For help and tips when it comes to marketing you are welcome to email

Why broadcast a tournament on Solidsport?

Solidsport is largest sports streaming platform in Northern Europe and has a long experience with live broadcasts. Our team has worked together with some of the world’s largest youth tournaments during a ten year period. Along with that, Solidsport has developed a market-leading platform for live broadcasts for sport tournaments.

Cup system integration

Solidsport has ready-made integrations with most cup systems that exist today, including CupManager, ProCup and Profixio. This means that Solidsport can automatically import all games from the cup system and also update game schedules and broadcasts automatically, which is good if game changes occur. Do you use your cup system for statistics and game data? Then our integration also makes it possible for you to update graphics (scoreboard, goals, time, period, etc.) on every broadcasts by automatic.

Ta steget in i framtiden

Now you have all the arguments for why you to broadcast your next tournament live on Solidsport. Ready to get started? Awesome! Start by creating a cup channel for free. Just press the “Start broadcasting” button. As soon as your channel is registered, we will contact you and help you get started. Good luck!

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Solidsport was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all levels to broadcast their sport live.

With the help of the live sport broadcasts, Solidsport want to convey excitement and joy, create new revenue possibilities for all sport clubs, teams and federations, develop players and coaches, inspire more people to sport and contribute to a better society where more people are healthy.

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