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For all teams. On all leveles.

Thousands of teams have already discovered the possibilities with Solidsport, which offers a market-leading solution for teams that want to broadcast their game live and make money. Now it’s your turn to get started and start streaming your games. Easy and completely free of charge.

What is Solidsport?
Solidsport is the streaming platform that makes it possible for all teams and all sports – at all levels – to broadcast their games and events live.

Our sport streaming service is completely free to use for sport broadcasts. All revenue generates from the viewers who pay to get access to every stream. At least 50% of the revenue always goes to the broadcasting team.

Why you should start broadcasting on Solidsport?
Because it enables everyone who can’t be present at your games to be able to take part in the excitement and joy of all the games that are played. Live and on demand.

Because everything that is broadcast live and filmed is recorded and saved and can then be seen afterwards. Whenever you want and wherever you are. Perfect for analysis, spreading on social media and saving memories for life.

To make money for the team or club for future tournament adventures, training camps or other fun activities with the team

Make money to the team

Solidsport makes it both easy and fun to make money to the team. Since the launch in 2016, thousands of teams have discovered the possibilities with Solidsport. Hundreds of thousands of matches have been broadcasted and generated incomes of more than EUR 4 300,000 to our teams, clubs and sport events.
How it works

Watch the video below and you will see how it works.

That’s why Solidsport is good for ..


A nice goal, a nice save or fantastic pass. As a player, the broadcast from the game isn’t the most important thing. The great benefit of game broadcasts is for each player the opportunity to watch their games and highlights afterwards. Players can then go back in time, experience memories and at the same time analyze their own development, which means a lot.


The opportunity to watch the team’s games afterwards at Solidsport also benefits the coaches work to develop their team. All games can also be downloaded for further analysis in any analysis program. Being able to cut out game sequences and show them to the players on the team is often the best way to show how the team can improve its performance on the pitch.


Most of all, every parent wants to be able to be present every time their child plays. But in practice it isn’t always possible. Then the opportunity to instead watch their children play live on Solidsport is a much appreciated alternative. Not to mention the opportunity to go back in time and watch old games and experience unforgettable sports moments with their kids.


With the help of Solidsport, there is a fantastic opportunity for all teams to offer relatives the chance to watch their grandchildren play their sport from a distance. That is often much appreciated for those who want to follow their grandchildren’s progress but don’t have the opportunity to attend on scene.


For teams with a large crowd of supporters, video and live broadcasts has a great potential to increase both interest and revenue even more. Which fan doesn’t want exclusive insights, interviews or news releases from their favourite team or watch their games live? Everything packaged in an exclusive monthly supporter subcription that gives the supporter access to all team content, while also contributing financially to the team.

Team leader and auditor

Say goodbye to tricky and time-consuming ways to make money for the team. Solidsport make life easier for both the team leader and the auditor. All payments and support from viewers are handled by Solidsport. The only thing the cashier in the team needs to do is keep track of the money that comes in and invoice Solidsport when the team cashier needs to be replenished. It can’t be easier than that.

Gör som alla andra

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Solidsport was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all levels to broadcast their sport live.

With the help of the live sport broadcasts, Solidsport want to convey excitement and joy, create new revenue possibilities for all sport clubs, teams and federations, develop players and coaches, inspire more people to sport and contribute to a better society where more people are healthy.

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