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Leading sport streaming platform. Trusted by sport federations, leagues, clubs and events. On all levels. Everywhere.

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Solidsport offers a complete OTT sports media platform with custom white label design, sport data integrations and unlimited live streaming and on demand possibilities.

Take control of your media rights.
Share the action. With everyone. Everywhere.

Sport coverage.
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Unleash the power of your sport by making it simple to produce sport broadcast. All that is needed is want already exist in everyones pockets. With a smartphone or a tablet, all your team and clubs can make professional broadcasts with graphics and customised features.

It’s time to digitize your sport. It’s time to go live.
On all levels. Everywhere.

Boost your brand.
New revenue streams.

Solidsport offers the ultimate sport media solution to unleash the power of your community and boost your brand.

Create new revenue streams with our in-built payment system, enabling custom subscriptions and pay-per-view tickets on all your content.

You can also promote your partners and strengthen your sponsorship offer with ready to go advertising concepts.

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Leagues & Federations

Custom platform and features for sport federations & leagues.

Take control of your content and fanbase by gathering and grow it on your own custom platform.

With Solidsport, any federation or league can create their own OTT solution with custom hiearchy and sports data integration.

Clubs & Teams

Make the fans feel part of the club or team at all times.

OTT has already revolutionised sports broadcasting and with Solidsport, it is easy for any club to create their own sports streaming and Club-TV service.

Nothing is more powerful then strengthening the bonds between the club and the fan.

Events & Cups

Take the event to the next level with your own sports platform.

Share the action with everyone by creating a custom streaming platform for your event. Enable all games live, save the memories and create a new revenue source at the same time.

We help you create a digital arena for your event.

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Capture Analyze Broadcast

Automated sports video solutions & analysis.

Complete AI solution and advanced analytics

Auto follow camera for team sports

pix4team solidsport

Complete AI solution and advanced analytics

Auto follow camera for team sports

pix4team solidsport

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As one of the largest sport media platforms in Europe, Solidsport is leading the way of digitizing sports at all levels by making it possible for every sport federation, league, event, club or team to share their games online with fans, family and friends.

With Solidsport, every team, club, league or event can broadcast their games and create new revenue streams through subscriptions, pay-per-view and advertising possibilities. To date, over +3000 clubs and teams are using the Solidsport platform and apps across Europe, broadcasting over +200 000 games and sporting events.

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