Automated broadcast for team sports

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Fully automated broadcasts. No filmers needed.
Based on the latest artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Livestream on Solidsport


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Solidsport AI Solution

  The best image quality on the market.

Thanks to the camera of your choice with a real optical zoom

 Easy to carry.

Installed in 3 minutes

Automated streaming for all levels.

Live streaming your team games on Solidsport is now easier than ever before. 

No more sleepy filmers.
This is how it works.

Connect the robot to the PIX4TEAM APP on your smartphone, and select your local WiFi spot or stream directly with the phone 4G network.

Connect the PIX4TEAM APP with your Solidsport channel and choose the game you want to stream via RTMP.

Control the scoreboard and graphics in the stream by downloading the Solidsport Report app. 

Order your automated robot now.

As one of the largest sport media platforms in Europe, Solidsport is leading the way of digitizing sports at all levels by making it possible for every sport federation, league, event, club or team to share their games online with fans, family and friends.

With Solidsport, every team, club, league or event can broadcast their games and create new revenue streams through subscriptions, pay-per-view and advertising possibilities. To date, over +3000 clubs and teams are using the Solidsport platform and apps across Europe, broadcasting over +200 000 games and sporting events.

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