The complete sport streaming platform.

For leagues, from all sports. On all levels.

Let us introduce Solidsport, largest sport streaming platform in Northern Europe. The natural place for sport leagues and sports series that want to improve their online exposure and increase both the value and revenue for an entire league and all teams. With the help of Solidsport, you can can collect all video content and get access to innovative tools and functions that will gather all fans and create new and important revenue to the teams. With Solidsport, you take fans closer to the excitement and build a world-class digital presence.

We know that committed fans attract a larger audience, more media interest and greater advertising opportunities and partnerships. The first step is an unbeatable digital presence. A place where fans can consume the sport they love. With the help of Solidsport, you take the sport from the heart of the arena to your fans online, anywhere and anytime. To a platform that with endless possibilities to convert, communicate and expose new values ​​for your media rights.

A complete concept for sport streaming

Solidsport is more than just a streaming platform for sports. Solidsport is a comprehensive tool that helps sports leagues and series to succeed with their digital investment online. Solidsport helps you build a completely new digital business. Through a comprehensive digital presence, interest is increased for each individual event and for the entire league as well. This contributes to increased revenue both online and offline.

Share your sport live to everyone

As dedicated sports fans, Solidsport understands that the experience always means something. And we think it’s as important in the arena as it is online. That’s why Solidsport has a wide range of solutions that help both our partners and their fans. Solidsport offers all the tools you need to reach and engage your fans. Live and on demand

Bring your digital sport content to life

Solidsport wants your fans to experience the excitement no matter where they are and get closer to your league. That journey begins with creating participation and sharing the identity between the team and the league. That’s why our platform allows each team to create their own unique Solidsport channel, which then will be linked to the league’s main channel. Each time the league or team publishes content, the content is automatically published on all relevant channels on the Solidsport platform. It’s also possible with a simple push of a button to share content and convey sponsored campaigns on all channels – for the entire league.

Create new revenue oppertunities

A committed supporter is often a dedicated one who’s happy to support his team in light and dark conditions. With that as a background, Solidsport has created a new opportunity to broadcast sports live and create new digital income at the same time. A clear online presence with regular traffic increases the value of your existing media rights. It also exposes a new digital opportunity and creates great contact surfaces for your partners and sponsors. From selling advertising space to running sponsored campaigns that can take your revenue potential to the next level.

Let your sponsors be a part of the excitement

Just a click away there’s the opportunity to activate sponsors and their message across the league and all its team channels. With Solidsport, you have the opportunity to offer a new simple and accessible advertising product that can be a lucrative place that your sponsors want to pay for.

Offer an unforgettable experience

With Solidsport, your supporters get a common place where all live games and replays are gathered and presented in a simple and smooth way. The Solidsport platform is developed by people who have worked in the world of sports for a large part of their lives. This, combined with over 10 years of experience in live streaming, has been a key factor in Solidport’s development to produce functionality that both teams and fans demand and need.

Be at the forefront of sport technology

The sport is constantly evolving and every league needs an online presence that keeps up with developments. Therefore, as a partner at Solidsport, you can benefit from our continuous product development, which improves with each passing day. Be at the forefront while you get the right tools to start a digital venture that opens new doors and opportunities.

Keep the fans’ commitment alive

Solidsport offers a complete and simple sport streaming solution for all leagues. Regardless of sport and regardless of level. Here are all the tools needed to digitize your league, improve club communication, keep supporters engaged and create new revenue. Live games lead to an increased interest in the entire league and can attract more visitors to the arenas and create a greater media interest for the entire league.

Integration that simplifies production

Do you have your sports data digitized with accessibility by APIs? Then Solidsport can integrate that data with its platform by an integration module. With the help of the integration, Solidsport can automate flows that make it easier for those who broadcast and will create great added value for those who watch at the same time. With SolidSport’s advanced graphics engine, it’s also possible to generate advanced graphics in every broadcast – fully automated.

Simple and innovative productions

Solidsport has led the development for live sport streaming since 2008 and with a continued ambition to remain at the forefront of technology. Among other things, by offering cost-effective productions of high quality.
Above all, Solidsport has developed a streaming platform and software that makes it possible for all sports, at all levels, to broadcast sports live in a professional way – with the help of only a smartphone. In addition, there is also support for more advanced productions with several traditional cameras, adapted for larger events and for people with high technical knowledge.
As a third alternative, Solidsport also offers fully automated productions using AI technology. Regardless of the type of productions you want to do, we have the resources and knowledge to assist.

A sustainable partnership – without risk

With Solidsport there are no risks, only benefits, and you pay nothing to use the platform or our apps. Instead, we grow together and share the revenue. Meaning, if it goes well for you, it goes well for Solidsport. You don’t have to take any financial risk.

Say goodbye to expensive solutions

Solidsport does not only have the tools and technology to help a league become successful online. Solidsport also offers a service and guidance throughout the process until all teams broadcast all of the league’s games live – and generate money.
Each club gets its own channel, linked to the league’s main channel, and broadcasts its own home games. The team then drives its own revenue and gets incentives to interest its supporters, which in turn provides more visitors, more page views and greater revenue opportunities. Thanks to a joint league effort, the league gets a unified digital experience that the supporters easily recognize themselves in. With Solidsport, you can say goodbye to expensive and complicated digital solutions. With Solidsport, it will be both free and easy to create a digital place with great opportunities to create new income.





  • Get access to a leagues channel that gather the entire league together.
  • Every team will get access to an own team’s channel.
  • Sell access to all the team’s games, if you are playing at home as well as if you are playing away. 
  • Sell access to all of the leagues games . 
  • Give access to download the games afterwards and scout each other. 
  • Integrate with existing systems and include boards and a goalscorer on the league channel and each team’s channel.
  • Manage ads for every individual team or the entire league.
  • Get access to education and support for you to be successful in your ventures.

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Solidsport was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all level.That by developing a sport streaming platform that makes it easy and free for everyone to broadcast their sport live.

With the help of the live broadcasts, Solidsport want to convey excitement and joy, create new revenue for all sports, develop players and coaches, inspire more people to sport and contribute to a better society where more people are healthy.

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