Streaming should be easy.

For all teams. On all levels.

Thousands of teams have already discovered the possibilities of Solidsport, the number one streaming platform for sport teams that want to broadcast their games and create revenue from it. Now it’s your turn to get started and start broadcasting your games. Completely free of charge.

What is Solidsport?

Solidsport is a streaming platform that enables all teams from all sport, on all levels, to broadcast their games and events.

Our services and applications is completely free of charge for those who want to broadcast, while viewers pay to unlock and watch all content. At least 50% of the revenue always goes to the broadcasting team.

Why should you start broadcasting?

Because it enables anyone who cannot be present to enjoy all the excitement and joy from all the games that the team plays.

Because everything that is broadcasted and filmed is recorded and saved as replays and highlights, making it possible for everyone to watch all games afterwards. Perfect for analysis and sharing with loved ones at the same time as all great memories is saved and stored for life.

It’s an easy and fun way och making money for the team or club to finance the next tournament or training camp adventure.

Make money for the team

Solidsport makes it both easy and fun to make money for the team. Since its launch in 2016, thousands of teams have discovered the possibilities of Solidsport. Hundreds of thousands of games have been broadcast and generated revenues of more than €4,300,000 to all broadcasting sports clubs, teams and events.


Why Solidsport is good for…


A nice goal, a nice save or a fantastic pass. As a player, the live broadcast from the game is not the most important thing. The big gain from the game being filmed is for each player the opportunity to see their games and highlights afterwards. Players can then go back in time, experience memories and at the same time see both their own and the team’s development.


The opportunity to watch the team’s games afterwards at Solidsport also facilitates the coach’s work in developing and coaching the team. All games can also be downloaded for further analysis and editing in any analysis program. Cutting out game sequences and sharing the with the players is often the best way to help the team improve their performance on the pitch.

Parents & Relatives

Ideally, every parent wants to be present on site every time their children plays. Same for grandparents who want to see their grandchildren practice their sport. But in practice, it is not always possible. Then the opportunity to watch your children or grandchildren play from home with a live stream on Solidsport is a much appreciated option. Not to mention the opportunity to go back in time and watch old games and experience unforgettable sporting moments with the children on the pitch, over and over again.


For teams with a large fan base, video and live broadcasts are an obvious option with great potential to increase both interest and revenue. Which supporter doesn’t want to be able to take part in new players presentations, live training sessions or exhibition fixtures? All packaged in an exclusive monthly supporter subscription that gives the supporter access to all content while also contributing financially to his or hers favourite team or club.

Team leader and Team treasurer

Say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming ways to make money for the team. Solidsport makes life easier for both the team leader and the team treasurer. All payments and support from viewers are handled by Solidsport. All the treasurer in the team has to do is keep track of the revune coming in and then invoice Solidsport on a regular basis. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Do as everyone else

Now it’s time for your team to get started and broadcast your upcoming games live on Solidsport. Start by creating a channel completely free of charge. As soon as the channel is activated, we recommend you to visit our Streaming School. There you get all the help you need to start broadcasting your sport live.

Good luck!

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Solidsports was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all levels to broadcast their sport live.

With the help of live sports at all levels, Solidsport wants to convey excitement and joy while creating new revenue for sport. With our services, we also want to contribute to the development of players and coaches, inspire more sports and at the same time contribute to a better society where more people move and more people are healthy.

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