Digitize your club.

Broadcast all games. And make money. 

Thousands of teams have already discovered the possibilities of broadcasting their games live on Solidsport. Now it’s time to activate the whole club. Gathering all the teams on a main club channel will make it easier to find, administer and help all the teams that are broadcasting or wants to get going. It also leads to increased revenue for both the teams and the club.

The digital development in society is going at a furious pace and has also created new opportunities for sports to develop their activities. A clear step into the future is the new opportunity to make your team, club or event visible digitally with the help of new live streaming technology.

The opportunity to broadcast all games live is a natural step for a sport club, both to make all the club’s games available to its audience, regardless of where it’s located, but also to create new revenue.

Solidsport has therefore developed a streaming platform for all sports, at all levels. We want to make it easy and free to broadcast games, tournaments and events with the help of just a smartphone or tablet. At the same time, important income is created when viewers pays too unlock all content, just like traditional ticket sales on the arena. At least half of the revenue always goes to the team or club that broadcasts the game or event.

Customised features and sport structure 

Solidsport has developed several unique features to help sport clubs manage all of their team channels. Our goal is always to make it easier for our club, helping them to keep track of the entire club income and at the same time gather all video content created by all teams, such as uploaded videos, broadcasts, replays and highlights.

All associations that join Solidsport get access to their own association channel. The association channel ends up at the top of a channel structure that contains underlying team channels, cup channels and other event channels arranged by the association. 

Create new new revenue for the club and teams 

For everyone who broadcasts live on Solidsport, there is the opportunity to charge for the content that is produced. It’s with the help of paid broadcasts that money is generated to the team and the club. A viewer can either buy an individual live broadcast or video with pay-per-view or become a monthly supporter of a team. As a monthly supporter, the viewer gets access to all content published on the team’s Solidsport channel.

But there are other income opportunities as well. A club on Solidsport also has the possibility to activate advertising revenue as well, by promoting sponsors and partners on all broadcasts that the club are producing.

With the help of our association structure, it is possible to control advertisements on all channels belonging to the association with the push of a button

Make it easy for your teams to start broadcasting

Clubs play an important role in making it easier for teams to get started with broadcasting their games and events live. In addition to informing about the possibility of broadcasting, there are a couple of things that a club can do to make it easier for the teams that broadcast live.

  • Ensure a good internet connection for the team that will broadcast. A wireless connection by WI-FI or mobile connection usually works well. To ensure a good connection, we also recommend that each association makes a test measurement of its connection. We recommend a connection of at least 10/mbit to send data.
  • Provide a tripod to the playing field, rink or arena. With the help of a tripod, it becomes much easier for the broadcaster who can delivier a higher quality stream, which will result in more happy viewers.
  • Last but perhaps most important of all, help to inform all supporters, relatives, supporters and other audiences about all games and events that will be broadcasted live in the club. By linking to the club channel from the club’s website / social media and informing before every game will make a big difference for both your viewers and the club revenue. 

What does it cost to activate a club on Solidsport?

It’s totally for free to activate a club on Solidsport. Same goes with all team channels. Solidsport is free to use unlimited for all teams that wants to start broadcast their games and events. What stops you from getting started?

Unique feature for clubs

  • Main club channel that collects all video content produced throughout the club and all your team channels.
  • Create team channels and administer all teams from the club channel at Solidsport.
  • Invoice for all team income directly from the club channel.
  • Get access to SolidSport’s advertising solution for clubs and create more revenue oppertunities.

  • Get viewer statistics and analyse all live streams and video content that your club is producing.

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Solidsport was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all levels with live broadcasting. Easy and for free.

With the help of the live broadcasts, Solidsport want to convey excitement and joy, create new revenues for all sports, develop players and coaches and contribute to a better society where more people train and more people feel healthy.

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