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For sport federations. On all levels.

Solidsport offers a complete streaming solution for sport federations that want to make their sport visible and make it grow online. With Solidsport it’s easier than ever to reach out with a sport to a larger audience and at the same time create new income opportunities for all teams, clubs and events.

There’s nothing new about broadcasting sports live. The technology for producing, broadcasting and distributing sport streaming rights has been around for a long time. But the challenge has long been to minimize costs, reach through the noise, build long-term values ​​around their broadcasts and that it generates revenue. This is something Solidsport wants to solve for all sport federations, regardless of level.

Sports need to be digitized at all levels and learn how to create new incomes online

There are many companies that can help produce and distribute broadcasts like local media, social media, public service and newspapers. Often with promises of broad exposure.

But the sport industry can’t live only on exposure. All sports needs a sustainable business model that generates revenue. Because only then can sport at all levels grow in a society that is becoming increasingly digital. The sport industry needs a model where exposure and income goes hand in hand and can strengthen both its brand and economy.

More than just a streaming platform

Solidsport is not only a streaming platform that makes it possible to broadcast sports and generate revenue in a simple and professional way. Solidsport is also a digital sports platform, tailored for all sports and with functionality that is based on the world of sports and the structure in which the sport operates.

Solidsport helps sport federations collect and distribute their sports

There is no requirement for exclusivity, meaning that everything that is broadcasted only can available to watch on Solidsport. Our ambition is to always create maximum value for the sports federations Solidsport works with. First and foremost, it is about helping each federation to make their sport as accessible as possible towards their audience. This is done by finding the most suited production setup, depending on budget, what is to be broadcast and on what level. Then it’s a matter of jointly finding the best possible distribution model to maximize the exposure, without losing revenue. Over the years, Solidsport has had many successful collaborations with both local media, public service and other media in terms of broadcasting rights or other video content to maximize exposure and the revenue from what is being broadcasted.

How much does it cost to use Solidsport?

It is completely free to broadcast games on Solidsport and everything that is broadcast is recorded and saved for the future.

With a background of a market consisting of complex and expensive IT systems, Solidsport was founded with the ambition of providing a streaming platform that enables all sports, regardless of level, to broadcast and create online incomes from games and events. Completely free of charge. Instead, all revenue is split between Solidsport and the broadcasting team, club or event.

In this way, Solidsport has minimized the financial risk for sports clubs, teams and sports federations, and instead will generate income from the first broadcast.
So far, the concept has been a great success. Since its launch, federations, clubs and teams around Europe have quickly joined Solidsport. Which today is generating millions in revenue for sports every month.


Our business model is to not work according to a traditional customer / supplier relationship. Instead, we see the cooperation with each sport federation as a partnership.

You have the contacts and the power to create excitement and joy for your sport. We have the technology and digital infrastructure that can help every sport federation to reach out with their sport online and generate revenue.

The partnership is based on a common goal – to make your sport grow. You retain control of your greatest asset, the network of participants and sport fans who can generate big value digitally and will help you make your sport grow.

Hos oss är ni i trygga händer

Our long experience of broadcasting sports at all levels and successful business model can be applied to all sports federations and their investment in live sports.

With more than EUR 4,300,000 generated to our sport customers, 1,000,000 users and thousands of teams and associations that already use Solidsport, we can ensure you that your are in safe hands. With Solidsport you can if reach out through the noise and reach a large audience with live streaming. Let us help your sport take one step closer into the future.



In addition to the basic functionality that everyone has access to in the platform ( read more here),Solidsport have developed unique functionality and services specialized for sport federations.

  • Federation channel that brings together the entire sport with a underlying sports structure consisting of all district federations, event along with all club and teams.
  • Report function that gathers statistics on what is connected to the federation channel. Such as amount of broadcasts, number of viewers, revenue, etc.
  • Opportunity to communicate and share information or commercial messages on all Solidsport channels that are connected to the association and their sport.
  • Opportunity for targeted mail sendings and push notifications towards viewers and fans.
  • Free access to all broadcasts connected to the sport federation for a selection of people in the federation.
  • Introduction course and ongoing support, completely free of charge.

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Solidsport was founded with the vision of enabling all sports at all levels to broadcast their sport live.

With the help of the live broadcasts, Solidsport want to convey excitement and joy, create new revenue for all sports at alla levels, develop players and coaches, inspire more sports and contribute to a better society where more people move and more people are healthy.

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